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Kashmiris Observe January 5, Right to Self-Determination Day: Hilal War

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 People’s Political Party (PPP) Chairman and senior leader Hurriyat Conference, Engineer Hilal Ahmad War said that unresolved Kashmir issue is a Nuclear Flash Point and is causing a constant potential threat to Nuclear War hovering over the whole subcontinent of India and Pakistan which can engulf the whole world at any point of time, and is real threat to International Peace and Security, therefore resolution of Kashmir tangle is imperative for international Peace and Security.

Mr. War said, “the people of Jammu and Kashmiris on both sides of the Line of Control and the Kashmiri Diaspora who are living in the different countries of the world observe January 5 each year as the Right to Self-determination Day, to remind the International community in general and United Nations in particular that the UN resolutions on Kashmir remain unimplemented. On this day in 1949, the United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution, acknowledging the Kashmiris’ right of self-determination to decide their political fate and status. On this day people of Jammu and Kashmir pledge to continue their struggle for right to self-determination till it reaches its logical end”.

Mr. War said that Kashmir dispute which on UN Agenda could be resolved by implementing the relevant Plebiscite resolutions passed by UN Security council but India’s intransigent attitude had been an impediment and biggest hurdle in implementing the aforesaid Plebiscite resolutions.

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