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NSS Students of Aryans Group organizes Campaign to put reflectors on vehicles

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To spread the awareness on the importance of Reflectors in the Foggy weather to avoid road accidents, NSS students of Aryans Colleges of Education, Aryans College of Law and Aryans Degree Colleges, Rajpura, Near Chandigarh organized a special campaign in its localized villages of Alampur, Nepra and Thuha.

Foggy weather causes a number of road accidents these days. Slow moving vehicles, particularly tractors, trollies, bullock carts etc have been responsible for many such mishaps. Poor visibility and the lack of reflectors make it difficult for drivers of the approaching vehicles to see the slow-moving “demons” on the road.

These students took an initiative to aware the rural people and farmers to install reflectors on the rear sides of all vehicles to avoid such deadly incidents.

Dr. Raman Rani Gupta, Principal, Aryans Group said that as per the guidelines of the University this awareness drive was in the localized villages. Students briefed them about the process, working and benefits to save their as well as lives of other commuters on the road.

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