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Relationship between J&K and rest of India survive in absence of Article 370: Mehboob Beg

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Former Parliamentarian and Senior PDP leader, Dr. Mehboob Beg has come down heavily on the administration for the recent ‘highway ban’ that has been imposed. It shocking and patently illegal that we are being enslaved and asked to refrain from using our National Highway.

He said that I find it hard to draw a parallel to this even if I go back to the times when India was ruled by the British. That was a time when the rights of the people were trampled brazenly and it was no secret that the rulers intended to rob the people of all the basic human rights, we are in 2019 now, this is shocking. How does the Government and the administration seek to justify the contracting stands, on the one hand they have declared Jammu and Kashmir fit for holding Parliament elections, on the other hand, under the garb of the deteriorating security scenario, they stop the residents from using their own roads, how do the two go hand in hand, asked Dr.Beg.

This does not only trample the very basic human rights, but also affects Kashmir’s financial health remarked Dr.Beg.

Dr. Beg further added that BJP’s growing clamor for removing Article 370/35-A was a very dangerous election gimmick, the repercussions of which the BJP itself does not seem to understand. How does the relationship between J&K and the rest of India survive in the absence of Article 370, asked Dr. Beg.

The relationship between J&K and India was negotiated on the basis of certain promises and assurances that were given a Constitutional shape, revoking any of them will only take us back to square one, said Dr. Beg.

Dr. Beg further expressed hope that the Courts would take notice of the fact that the residents of the State were being robbed of their most basic fundamental rights and would restore the same.

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